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  brother knitting machine
brother knitting machine KH860/KR838

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brother knitting machine KH860/KR838

Number of stitches: 200 stitches,
stitch length: 4.5mm
power: manual
Needle selection method: control needle selection with flower card. 24 stitches in a pattern. with 20 flower CARDS.
Weaving pattern type: can weave flat needle, set loop, aerial, jacquard, local jacquard, relief, empty flower, set loop empty flower, add yarn, add yarn set loop weaving.
When the auxiliary machine is assembled on the main machine, it is easy to knit the rib of sleeve, collar and so on. Also can weave unit treasure, double ingot treasure, ripple braid.
Applicable range of yarn: pure wool, pure chemical fiber, wool nitrile blend, all kinds of wool and cotton yarn, such as fine line, medium thick line.
After loading (length × width × height) : KH868 115×29×15cm KR838 109 * 23 * 14 cm
Weight: KH868 net weight: 13kg gross weight: 14kg
KR838 net weight 11 kg gross weight 11.5 kg