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  computerized flat knitting mac
3D Vamp Knitting Machine LT3-122SV/132SV/142SV Serie

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3D Vamp Knitting Machine LT3-122SV/132SV/142SV Serie


Main technical features:

1.3D knitting vamp a new material after Ieather。leather.weave fabric for shoes jndustry。it creates revoIution for shoes Industry and expand flat knitting machineapplication fields,Tight tuck knitting function make knitting vamp stiff and firm:

2.Mem min ger varn storage device Adopt miCroprocessor controI varn winding motor,By the sensors to monitor during varn winding.ACcording to the use amount of yarn,the system adjust Winding motor Speed automatically:Conical magnetic tension device can adjust the output size of tension of yarn:(Optional)

3.High quality take-down roller system with Special soft leather drawing can Provide closest drawing for high-efficiency knitting fabric production.because the drawing position is closer to the needle bed:

4.Head control to achieve the degree of segmentation in the line range,can achieve multi-variable control of the proiect;(Optional)

5.Innovative isolation transformer structure high improves the safe function and the anti-interference ability of machine effectively, and makes the machine running more stable.


RDHM2-66SD/122SD/132SD Series 3D Vamp Knitting Machine


Main technology parameters:

01 Gauge: 7.2G、9G、12G、14G;

02 Knitting width:26inch(66cm)、48inch(122cm)、52inch(132cm);

03 Knitting speed:Adopt AC service motor to control,with 32 section of selection With a maximum speed of 1.2m/s(Depends on the gauge,yarn and the pattern etc);

04 Knitting system:Single machine header and double systems;

05 Knitting function:Basic patterns like plain stitch,rib fabric links—and—links,and interlock stitch etc.Fancy patterns like tuck stitch,jacquard,eyelet stitch,racking stitch,plush stitch,pile stitch,intarsia and bump stitch etc As well as narrowing and widening with fashionmark offully fashion vamp;

06 Racking: Controlled by servo motor racking within 2 inches and with fine adjusting function;

07 Needle selection:Fulljacquard selectionvia 8levelsof special solenoidactuators;

08 Stitch Fineness:Withmarchingmotorto control,with 32 sectionsfor selection,adopt subdivisiontechnology adjust scope:0-650,tomore accurately control length ofclothes piece;

09 Encode: Advanced encoder adopted;

10 Transfer cam:Triangle composite design,can transfer needles from front to back and back to front together;

11 Sinker system:Withmarchingmotorto control,Innovationdesigned sinker systemmakeksc seriesknittingmachineperfectlyforknitting 3D vamp;

12 Detect alarmsystem:Improved detector avert unanticipated alarm when yarn feeder overlap;

13 Takedown roller:Programmedinstruction controlledby steppingmotor,32levels selection adjustable areais:0—100;

14 Yarn carrier:2*8 yarn carriers on each side of4 guide rails shiftable on any needle position;

15 Protecting system:Themachinewill automaticallyalarmif breakingyarn,noodle,floatingyarn,rolling,countingover,cradlemovingnotbeing corrected,needle foot firing and program failure appear during operating process;

16 VariousGauge:Widerange ofgauge knit on a singlemachine,replacethe needle hook and small needle hookwithout changing thetriangle;

17 Controller:

(1)Screenuse 10.4inchLCDtouch screen.eachkind ofoperatingparametercanbe shown andit canbe adiustat anytimewhenthe machine is running,USB memory interface,System memory 1 G;

(2)knitting software improves package function,enriches vamp patterns,and enhances knitting efficiency;

(3)Multi language version:there are Chinese,English etc,Turkey,Bangladesh.1anguages version,the other language version set up shall according to customers requirement;

18 Datatransmission:Through high speed ETHERNET,the knitting data can upload,download and share;

19 PowerConsumption:Single—phase 220V and 3-phase 380V,adoptadvancedCMOStechnology,havingmemorizingfunctionatpower shock stop,Consumption 1.Okw (The actual electricity consumption iS far below the marked value.depends on the gauge and the working condition).


RDHM2-66SD/122SD/132SD Series 3D Vamp Knitting Machine















2620×840×1858 2780×980×1550 980 1030


2500×840×1858 2660×980×1550 930 980