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YANTAI LONGYU TRADE CO.,LTD is located in YANTAI, CHINA. We specialize in a wide variety of knitting machines,knitting needles, and knitting machine spare parts.

At present our business scope includes the following three series:

Knitting Machines

We offer: hand drive flat knitting machines, computerized flat knitting machines, computerized socks machines, computerized jacquard hat and scarf machines, dial linking machines, automatic seamless glove machines, and chain glove machines. Related machines include: dotting machines, package machines, setting machines and so on.

Knitting Needles

We offer knitting needles for: circular knitting machines, flat knitting machines (including computerized flat and hand drive knitting machines, as well as sweater knitting machines).

We likewise supply knitting needles for: glove knitting machines (including SHIMA SEIKI computer glove machines ,MATSUYA computer and chain glove machines and the other Chinese model glove machines), Raschel knitting machines, and hosiery knitting machines.

Additionally, look to us for other kinds of knitting needles such as: knife needles, link needles, half needles, transfer needles, wire needles, jack, sliders, sinkers, and so on.

Spare Parts

We are your low cost source for spare parts including but not limited to:, yarn feeders, brushes, solenoids, stitch pressers, cutters and all spare parts for Shima Seiki machines, Universal machines, Stoll machines and all makes of computerized flat and glove machines.


We offer the highest quality products at the lowest prices and most efficient lead-times. Our dedicated customer support and logistics staff will ensure your complete satisfaction. We hope to establish a long term business relationship with you for the future. Your success is our target.